milling Monolithic Bridges (Full contour) in DisiMax BT blocks B40/ BX40 / B55 (CEREC Blocks)

*with CEREC system v3.8 is posible to milling monolithic bridge (Full contour) in lithium disilicate (LS2) DisiMax BT blocks of B40 / BX40 / B55 and emax B40:

- CEREC InLab software v3.8
- Polidental Library update for millable CEREC software blocks

* You can buy here, the library for DisiMax® BT B30, B40 (emax B40), BX40 (emax B40L), B55

- CEREC milling machine: inLab MCXL or MCXL
- DisiMax BT block B40, BX40, B55

1- design bridge: select CEREC InLab 3.8, "Bridge" "in reduced" (if design in other type, DisiMax BT wont be selectables for milling).
2- scanning, cropping pattern and digital antagonist, and go to next step
3- select a block of zirconium (eg "Polidental YZ 66x30x16 BS"), selecting zirconium material, allows you to select any fresable material when milling restorative material.
4- design your bridge according to their preferences, but in step "reduction" does not decrease anything (Full Contour) or reduce just where he wanted to add ceramic (Customizations)- All disilicathe glass ceramic have shrinkage. DisiMax BT shrinkage 1-2%, similar than emax, so whent design increase sizes to avoid it.
5- generate CEREC milling preview and select the block "DisiMax BT B40" or "BT DisiMax BT BX40", or "DisiMax BT" B55.
DisiMax BT blocks will contain selectable milling and milling strategy for its actions and properties.
6- position the selected block DisiMax BT in CEREC clamps. and verify the correct selection and status of Cylinder Pointed bur 12S and, Step bur 12S.
7- check water tank and processed by milling.